Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dancing in the Rain

One of 4 "Staining Pattern" pieces from my Mary Todd Beam workshop last week.  

I haven't finished any of my "Staining Pattern" pieces yet but got a good start on this one.  It is a really fun process.  I just realized this feels upside down.  What do you think?....I'm new at trying abstract! 

Steps: Drip and draw with fluid acrylic paint on a clean board or canvas (2 colors) in a random pattern (leaving lots of white space).  Make a bead/line of paint across the top of your board/canvas with your dominate color (in this one it was the red).  Using a hard edged plastic trowel (ours was about 5" wide) drag the paint down in one sweeping motion pulling the paint completely off the board or canvas.  Don't try to make a second pass, it will muddy your colors. Next, decide how you want to highlight the shapes you choose using paint or markers. 

Jackie and her daughter Becky were also students at the workshop with Mary.  The weatherman kept predicting rain which when you are counting on the sun to help speed up the drying process wasn't a good thing in my mind.  I knew they need rain in the area, I just hoped wouldn't happen during the day or until we left.  But Becky, who is from Arizona where they are in a horrible drought, said if it rained she planned to go out and dance in the rain.  She got her wish and it poured most of our last full day.  Becky grabbed her art board and instead of wetting it with water took it outside and held it up so it was drenched in rainwater and painted on it.  On the last day, as we looked over all the art we'd made all week and Becky said that was her favorite painting... because she'd painted it with rainwater.  I realized it was her way of taking some of the rain home with her.  I saw this block yesterday had to buy it.  While I love the saying, it will also be a reminder of my week at Springmaid Mountain.  Becky, I hope you get to dance in the rain again soon.  

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