Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Work In Progress | "Poolside"

Surprisingly, after just one month of daily painting it is strange not to have a finished painting to post everyday.  I have started 2 new paintings.  Something I realize I don't think to do often enough is to snap a few pictures of my paintings as they progress.  Plus, I can see things that need improving better when I look at a photo (similar to looking at your painting in a mirror). 

I took the original photograph of these adorable girls while I was on a cruise recently.  Only kids were brave enough to get into a pool when it was in the 50s outside.

I toned the canvas gray.  After it dried, I drew in the figures with a burnt umber & ultramarine blue mix. I'm kind of liking the dark lines left from the drawing lines that are still showing. Now I have to decide whether or not I will leave them.  

Another couple of layers and this study for a larger painting will be complete.  

Work in Progress
"Poolside" 12x12" oil

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