Monday, February 17, 2014

Beach Rider

 Beach Rider
10x10" oil on wood panel box

Beach Rider is a gentleman I saw in Hilton Head.  I really liked his bright blue and yellow bike.  The beaches there are hard enough to ride a bike on when the tide goes out and many take advantage of the bikes most rentals keep.  
I have photographed Beach Rider numerous times over the last couple of days in different light and the beach sand is much grayer, but it looks brown in the photos so I give up and you'll have to go see it in person.  

 Torpedo Factory Arts Center Fundraiser

Beach Rider will be one of my donations for March150 fundraiser at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center.  If you live in the WDC area I'm sure you have visited the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  (It really was a WWII torpedo factory.)  It has 3 floors of art studios, classrooms and 2 galleries.  

The Target Gallery is teaming up with March of Dimes for a yearly fund raiser.  The Gallery uses the funds for their outreach arts program.  Last year Maria Bennett Hock did a panel and I thought it was a great idea and really enjoyed the show.  It is really interesting to see all the conventional and not so conventional uses of the panels.  Regional artists purchase 10x10" wooden box panels.  I'm told about 200 panels are hung.  Each panel is priced at $150 – but can be purchased for $100 during the Art Party/reception on March 14th.  If you miss the reception, but are visiting Torpedo Factory in March please stop in and see the show. Who knows you might see a panel you just have to have!
March150: 4th Annual Exhibition Fundraiser
Entry Dates: January 29 - February 24
Exhibition Dates: March 8 - 23, 2014
Art Party: Friday, March 14; 7-10pm

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  1. great painting. Lydia
    LOVE the colors and composition