Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mug Shot #19 Sandhya Manne

     I'm coming up to the end of my 2012 Hilton Head Mugs.  There are 21 mugs.   I've continued to try to use the lessons learned in Karin Jurick's workshop, but Karin's bottom line is simple....you have to paint (a lot) to improve.

Sandhya “Zentangle” Manne

Sandhya Man, 4x4" oil on gessobord

Supervisor Wanda's report on muggle #19:

Just when we thought the Hilton Head sisterhood couldn’t get any more diverse, a Far Eastern connection has been uncovered.  Sandhya “Zentangle” Manne has connections in the East (India) and the West (Dallas, Texas).  [Note – Last week we had Kat and Dogs, this week Indian and Cowboys – this group is definitely multi-dimensional.]

“Zentangle” is, as you would expect, a certified Zentangle teacher.  This means she teaches the making of ‘beautiful images by drawing structured patterns … which are elegant metaphors for deliberate artistry in life’.  This sounds very harmless but do not be fooled – this woman is a marketing guru.  She has put her M. Comm. to good use in exploiting the online marketing universe.  A quick internet search shows she has a website, blog, facebook page, a presence on Pinterest, linkedin, etsy, twitter, meetup, as well as Daily Paint Works, and Fine Art America.  One can only speculate at what would turn up with an in-depth search. 

Circumstantial evidence shows that this approach is working.  She seems to be adept at extracting funds from the unsuspecting public in return for zen-like images that “evoke calm, peaceful, spiritual and happy emotions”.  She must be stopped before we become too relaxed to care.  

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