Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mug Shot #18 Bettsie Miller

     I am still working on the 2012 Hilton Head Mugs.  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it I don't like one and end up redoing it.  I'm finding the less strokes the better.  I will think my mug looks pretty good and then I decide it just needs a couple more strokes of color and that's when I get in trouble.  If you are doing a "portrait" a 4x4" canvas is very unforgiving.

  Bettsie Miller, also known as (aka) "The Communicator"

Bettsie Miller, 4x4" oil on Gessoboard

Supervisor Wanda's report on muggle #18:

The Hilton Head felons have just gotten more dangerous with the discovery of an accredited public relations professional in its ranks.  One wonders what kind of spin has been put on this group to make them seem more politically correct and socially acceptable. 

Bettsie “The Communicator” Miller has a long and varied career in higher education, public relations consulting, environmental causes and her very own non-profit Family Foundation.  However, her disguise as mild mannered artist is not convincing.  Nowhere in the cyber world is there a single work of art by “The Communicator” (at least none were discovered).  We did find a reference to the Studio dei Leoni where the mission statement claims to “expose the student … while also catering to a student’s individual needs, desires and goals”.  The accompanying photo shows a large number of people eating, drinking and “communicating”.  As well, her personal goals seem to be “Dance – play – write – live like a happy adult child”.
These are extremely dangerous activities.  If the public catches wind of this they will all want to join in and then where would the world be.  Please put brush to canvas (or board) and help apprehend this notorious felon.

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  1. Love her eyes and the colors that you used throughout the piece.