Saturday, July 23, 2016

Discovering Art Blogs on the Net

I find seeing other artists' work very inspiring.  If I am on an artist's website and see they belong to galleries I check out their galleries to enjoy not only the artist's work but all of the artists at that gallery.  I don't surf the web looking for artists as much as I used to, but still enjoy it when I have time.   

I also love to discover art blogs, but how do you find artists' blog you don't know?  

I notice the "Next Blog" at the top of my page and other art blogs I follow.  One day I decided to click on it to see what happened.  What I found is the next 3-4 blogs are usually other artists!  Sometimes even more.  The blog czar constantly changes who is up next.  I enjoy 'next blog' surfing and keep clicking forward until the blogs are no longer about art.  Interestingly, if you go back to the original blog and start over you will see all new art blogs!  

If you find a blog you like or want to follow make a note of the person's name.  Better yet, copy the IP address, otherwise you probably won't be able to find it again even hitting the back button.  

Give it a try... but I must warn you, it can be addictive! 

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