Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Elan magazine - Thank You

I want to give a special Thank You to the staff of Elan magazine for allowing me to be one of the featured artists in their November 2015 edition.  Elan is a wonderful supporter of the arts and local artists.  I can’t tell you how honored I am to be selected. 

I will say that it's a strange thing to be on the opposite side of an interview and to see yourself in print.  All those self doubt questions come into play.  Did I say to much, sound dorky, or totally miss the mark in my comments?  Many thanks to the author Kathryn McKay. You took my comments and wrote a piece that made me proud to read.

One of the things I had to do when submitting my info to Elan was to write about my art career in "about" 50 words.  Most of us have an art bio.  It's usually way over 50 words (isn't it great the computer will count your words for you).  So I took what I had and edited it and it was still over 120 words.  It really got me to thinking, “how to you sum yourself up in a short paragraph, a sentence?”  I think regardless of what we do, it something we all need to be able to do.  It is an exercise worth doing.  Now I have a short answer the next time I’m asked, "what do you do" once I tell them I’m an artist. Even saying "I'm an artist" is something hard for many of us to say.  I have learned to say an oil painter, instead of "a painter."   If you think about it there are lots and lots of kinds of painters.  

My defining sentence in my short paragraph was, "My art lead me to a career in law enforcement."  A strange, but exciting journey for sure. 

Friends have asked for a link to be able to read the article.  When you open the link, click on "The Social Painter" and then click on the icon on the top right that looks like 4 squares.  

Elan Magazine Nov 2015 page 40-41

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