Friday, June 6, 2014

Art Tip - Gizmos &Gagets - Canvas Schlepper

I love gadgets... for art, kitchen, workshop, you name it. 

I have a wonderful wooden carrier for wet canvases my Dad made for me.  In fact, a lot of my friends and classmates liked it so much they asked if Dad would make them one too.   Dad's design is similar to the metals ones you can buy, but its much sturdier and doesn't fall over.  It carries two 20" or smaller canvases/boards at a time. 

A few years ago, I bought an inexpensive gadget at the local art store with the funny, but totally appropriate name "Canvas Schlepper."   Its been out of sight, out of mind in a drawer, but I have been hauling a couple of larger canvas around so I pulled it out.  Simple but effective.  It is a handle to help keep my fingers off of a wet painting.  It works on any size 3/4" wrapped canvas.  If you have two Shleppers, you can carry two wet canvases back to back.    

Great label!

Just slip it on the back between the canvas and the wooden stretcher bar. 
It hooks into place and viola you have a handle

Now you don't have to worry about paint on the edge.
Note: Be careful if it is windy you now have a sail on that handle!


  1. If your local art store doesn't carry them, you can find them online. Amazon and ASW carries them. Not sure which other online art supply places have them.