Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can't Catch Me

I don't work in acrylic very often but enjoy it when I do.  I haven't done any acrylic paintings larger than 11x14".  For me, I find it a great medium for painting small pieces especially when I need to paint small works (3x3" or smaller).  Being an oil painter, I can't always get the acrylic to do what I want until I remember not to fight the drying time and just go with it.  Of course remembering to spray my palette so it doesn't dry out isn't something I normally have to remember.   I have learned unlike oil, just when I think I have finally achieved the color I want, I come back later and find the acrylic has dried darker.  

ART TIP: If I can't get it light enough, I resort to going back into an area and painting it out with white then repainting it.  Then I get the lighter coloring I was aiming to achieve.

I always try to take lots of pictures when I'm at the beach.  I couldn't resist the little boy running with his big pail and his ever patient mom bringing up the rear.  
I decided to tone the canvas in black which is a bit tricky when painting in acrylic and dealing with the paint drying darker.  I'm learning it is all about lots of layers. 
The painting didn't feel quite right/finished so I turned to my critique group for suggestions. They suggested I tone down his maroon romper which was too dominate and didn't fit in with the palette I choose for the rest of painting.  I heeded their advice and I'm very pleased with the final painting. 

Can't Catch Me, 8x10" acrylic on gessobord ($200)

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Herman by Jim Unger

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